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Gas tariffs in Ukraine: how the cost of one cubic meter will change in March

ByJohn Newman

Feb 29, 2024

During the period of martial law, our country has a ban on raising tariffs for certain utilities, but such a moratorium does not affect the cost of “blue fuel” from private supply companies, and now the “scatter” of the March prices has become known energy prices

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Gas tariffs in Ukraine: how the cost of one cubic meter will change in March

Photo – novyny.live

O&nbsp ;about what will happen with gas tariffication with the arrival of the first spring month, writes NBN, citing detailed material from the thematic portal GazPravda.

As it became known, the cost of “blue fuel” will not increase with the onset of the spring season, and prices for 1 cubic meter of gas from March will begin to vary in the range from 7.7 hryvnia to 9.99 hryvnia, which is connected with the “price tags” that gas supply companies will set.

In particular, at the moment, 12 supplying companies have already published their own vision of gas pricing – 7 of them the cost of 1 cubic meter is slightly lower than 8 hryvnia, and 5 hryvnia is slightly higher than 9, which can be found below:

Tariffs for gas in Ukraine: how the cost of one will change

Photo — gazpravda.com.ua

Earlier, our news portal informed that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine told how tariffs for gas, electricity and heat would soon change.


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