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Prices for pork have changed sharply in supermarkets: has meat become more accessible to Ukrainians?

ByJohn Newman

Feb 29, 2024

On the eve of the new month, a very unusual trend is noticeable on the shelves of large chain stores in our country – cheaper prices for some traditional food products.

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<img title="Supermarkets have changed dramatically prices for pork: has meat become more accessible to Ukrainians? Has meat become more accessible to Ukrainians? pork, writes NBN, citing price analytics from the specialized Internet resource of the Ministry of Finance.

Pork fell in price in the order below:

  • brisket – from 179.62 hryvnia/kilogram to 164.52 hryvnia/kilogram (the lowest prices at MegaMarket are 146 hryvnia/kilogram);
  • scapula part—from 171.61 hryvnia/kilogram to 168.28 hryvnia/kilogram; hryvnia/kilogram (more affordable from Varus—for hryvnia/kilogram);
  • subcherevok—from 182.66 hryvnia/kilogram to 174.7 hryvnia/kilogram (less total for “Auchan”—164.9 hryvnia/kilogram);
  • ribs —from 185.19 hryvnia/kilogram to 182.2 hryvnia/kilogram (u  MegaMarket – for 149 hryvnia/kilogram);
  • barbecue set – from 204.58 hryvnia/kilogram to 210.5 hryvnia/kilogram (at Auchan  — 159.9 hryvnia/kilogram);
  • neck part — from 236.86 hryvnia/kilogram to 224.7 hryvnia/kilogram (for “Varus” — 175.90 hryvnia/kilogram).

Earlier, our news portal informed that experts named products whose cost in Ukraine will increase from March.


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