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Ronaldo reacted obscenely to the “support” of fans of the opposing team: the media found out how the star player will be punished

ByJohn Newman

Feb 29, 2024

Not long ago, Cristiano Ronaldo, now captain of the Saudi football club Al-Nasr, scored a goal against Al-Shabab, as a result of which the opposing fans decided to take petty revenge on the “star” , shouting the name of his eternal competitor – Lionel Messi, and the Portuguese legionnaire somewhat could not contain his violent emotions, making a dubious hand gesture.

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Photo – arriyadiyah.com

About the fact that in the 21st stage of the local championship, a number of punishments were provided for the leader of Al-Nasr for the above-described act of incontinence, writes NBN, citing on material from the Arriyadiyah publication.

In particular, because Ronaldo turned to the spectators and waved ambiguously at the groin area, the disciplinary committee of the Saudi Football Federation imposed qualification restrictions on the Portuguese, lasting 1 match—the “star” will have to miss the meeting with the championship outsider Al-Hazem, scheduled for February 29.

In addition, the 39-year-old Portuguese will need to pay money fines: about 2 500 in favor of the federation, and not yet less than 5 000 euros to the treasury of Al-Shabab.

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