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ISW explained what is behind the Kremlin’s threatening statements about nuclear exercises addressed to the West

ByJohn Newman

May 7, 2024

The Washington Institute for the Study of War reported an intensification of the Kremlin’s campaign of nuclear threats and diplomatic manipulations. American analysts named the purpose of the Russian authorities' statements about nuclear exercises.

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ISW explained what is behind the Kremlin's threatening statements about nuclear exercises addressed to the West

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The ISW analytical material notes that the Russian authorities have intensified a campaign of reflexive control, which implies the formation of the enemy’s opinion and voluntary decision-making beneficial to the Russian Federation, as a result of appropriate rhetoric and IPSO aggressor country, NBN reports.

American experts explained that Moscow often manifests itself in “rattling” its nuclear arsenal during the war against Ukraine in order to force Western states to stop supporting Kyiv.

According to analysts, Russian officials are an important element in the aggressor’s efforts to use nuclear rhetoric as reflexive control. Representatives of a terrorist state always link nuclear exercises and hints at the use of such weapons to important political decisions by Western leaders regarding Ukraine.

As reported, Washington representative John Kirby responded to the next nuclear threats of the aggressor president. The official told the dictator how to save himself from Western weapons.


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