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Moscow refused to provide Aksenov with additional air defense systems for Crimea – rosSMI

ByJohn Newman

Apr 23, 2024

The “Head” of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, turned to Moscow with a request to provide additional air defense systems for the captured peninsula, transferring them from the capital of the Russian Federation, to which he was refused.

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Moscow denied Aksenov in providing additional air defense systems for Crimea – rosSMI

Photo – ria.ru

Russian Telegram channel “Kremlin snuffbox”, citing sources in the “government” of Crimea, said that Aksenov appealed to the Russian Federation with a call to transfer air defense systems from Moscow and the Moscow region to the peninsula, NBN reports.

Gauleiter of Crimea was made to worry by the news about the US decision to provide New military aid to Ukraine. The occupiers on the peninsula told the Kremlin protege that they could not guarantee the protection of strategic objects from attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, so Aksenov decided to ask for additional air defense systems, of which there are many in the capital of the Russian Federation and the Moscow region.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin responded to the request “head” of Crimea regarding the sending of part of the air defense systems from the capital, calling Aksenov in one of his personal conversations an “idiot.”

Earlier, the Atesh partisans showed how invaders in Crimea are trying to protect their equipment and air defense installations from strikes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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