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Opening of the border with Ukraine: the leader of the Polish strikers said when the Shegin blockade will resume

ByJohn Newman

Jan 3, 2024

On the eve of 2024, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that in the coming days it will probably be possible to reach the long-awaited “maximum”, having fulfilled all the conditions set by local truckers, carriers and farmers, however, as is already noticeable, something went wrong.

Opening of the border with Ukraine: the leader of the Polish strikers told when the blockade of Shegin will be resumed

Photo – pap.pl

About the fact that the intentions of Polish farmers include the resumption of blocking the entry/exit at the checkpoint ” Medyki-Shegini”, as early as Thursday, January 4, if the government does not provide written guarantees regarding the fulfillment of their demands, writes NBN, referring to the statement of the leader of the protesters, Roman Kondrów, published in Polska Agencja Prasowa.

According to Kondruva, today, January 3, the participants in the blockade will decide to continue the protest action—if the above written confirmation is not received, then this checkpoint will be blocked again from  9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

In addition, the leader of the protesters stated that both the local police and the crisis team accompanying the “conflict” at the border have been informed regarding the “continuation of the protest” before providing written guarantees that will allow the action to be automatically terminated.

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