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British intelligence explained how the tactics of the occupiers' missile attacks on Ukraine have changed

ByJohn Newman

Jan 3, 2024

British intelligence reports that the latest massive shelling of Ukraine by Russian occupation forces indicates that the “second army of the world” has changed the tactics of missile strikes.

British intelligence told how the tactics of the occupiers' missile attacks on Ukraine have changed

Photo – ria.ru

British intelligence recalled that last winter Putin’s troops attacked the energy system of Ukraine, but this year the Russian the invaders directed attacks on the country's defense industry.

NBN reports this with reference to the page of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense on the social network X.

The department's report notes that the occupiers still want to leave Ukrainians are without light and heat, so they will resume shelling energy facilities. At the same time, the change in attack tactics of the Russian Armed Forces suggests that the enemy has begun to recognize the importance of defense-industrial potential in the process of preparing for a long war.

British intelligence drew attention to the fact that on Tuesday, January 2, Russian troops carried out massive attacks on Ukraine in several waves, using more than 130 weapons – they launched Shahed kamikaze drones at night, and missiles in the morning.

Earlier, the OK “South” suggested when the “second army of the world » will launch massive attacks on Ukrainian energy facilities.


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