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Pensions of Ukrainians: PFU told how to maintain and increase the insurance period after dismissal

ByJohn Newman

Jan 21, 2024

Elderly citizens of our country have the right to increase the amount of their future pension, even in a situation where they are left without official employment, that is, the employer does not pay contributions to the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU), necessary to calculate future benefits.

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Pensions of Ukrainians: the PFU told how to maintain and increase the insurance period after dismissal

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On the fact that contributions made by potential pensioners on a voluntary basis can be counted without being linked to an official employer, NBN writes, citing an explanation posted on the official Facebook account of the State Penitentiary Fund of Donetsk region.

In particular, an interested citizen can pay voluntary contributions to the system of compulsory state pension insurance for a certain period of time, chosen independently, and absolutely regardless of whether there is a ;whether official employment.

Thus, not only regular payment of contributions during work will be able to increase the statistical salary for the upcoming pension, but also deductions made by the citizen according to his own decision.

Earlier, our news portal reported that Shmygal provided a final answer regarding the likely delay in the payment of pensions and salaries to public sector employees in the current year.


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