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Pletenchuk explained what prevents the occupiers from using the Crimean Bridge in full for logistics

ByJohn Newman

May 8, 2024

Press Secretary of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmitry Pletenchuk said that he is preventing the Russians from using the illegally built Crimean Bridge in full to supply the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine.

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Pletenchuk explained what is preventing occupiers to use the Crimean Bridge for logistics in full

Photo – ria.ru

A representative of the Ukrainian Navy confirmed on air on the Espresso TV channel statements by the Western media that Putin’s army cannot fully exploit for logistics the transport crossing illegally built by the Russians across the Kerch Strait, NBN reports.

Pletenchuk recalled that earlier the SBU stated that as a result successful strike by the special services and the Navy on the support of the Kerch Bridge, the enemy cannot fully use the railway.

At the same time, despite the fact that due to damage to the transport crossing, the Russian invaders cannot fully exploit it, they still transport manpower and some types of weapons of the occupation forces across it by truck.

Note that earlier the British publication The Independent stated that the Kerch Bridge is no longer an effective target for hitting the Ukrainian Armed Forces, since the Russian Federation does not use it to supply Putin’s army.

As reported, Russian media reported that Ukraine used it to blow up the Crimean bridge in 2022.


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