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Yevlash told how the appearance of F-16s in the Ukrainian Armed Forces will affect the actions of the invaders

ByJohn Newman

May 8, 2024

Speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ilya Yevlash explained how the appearance of American F-16 multirole fighters in Ukraine will affect the situation on the battlefield and the actions of the invaders.

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Evlash told how the appearance of the F-16 16 in the Armed Forces of Ukraine will affect the actions of the occupiers

Photo – reuters.com

In an interview with NV, the press secretary of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the receipt of F-16 fighters by the Ukrainian Defense Forces will become a certain danger for Putin’s army, NBN reports.

The major explained that the Russian invaders will understand that they have to deal with a powerful NATO-standard jet fighter, because they cannot but know what type of missiles these planes launch.

Since Ukraine has experience in training to work with these American fighters, the occupiers will also understand that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are rearming, changing their aircraft fleet, approaching Alliance standards.

Evlash noted that all this will give the “second army of the world” a touch of uncertainty and nervousness. At the same time, the arrival of Western aviation in our country will raise the morale of Ukrainians and strengthen their confidence in victory.

Earlier, a representative of the Air Force answered whether F-16s will be able to carry out joint combat work with old Ukrainian aircraft.


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