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British intelligence pointed out the nuances of modernization of the X-101 cruise missile by the Russians

ByJohn Newman

May 8, 2024

The Long-Range Aviation Command of the Russian Aerospace Forces has modernized its X-101 strategic cruise missile. British intelligence believes that the updated projectile has a shorter range, but is equipped with a second warhead.

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British intelligence pointed out the nuances of modernizing the X-101 cruise missile by the Russians

Photo – ria.ru

British intelligence in its report writes that the command of long-range aviation of the Military Space Forces throughout the war against Ukraine tried to change its systems and tactics of action, since the air defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces intercepted a large number of missiles.

This is reported by NBN with reference to the page of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense on the social network X.

The report says that the Russians wanted to use older missiles and increase their efficiency, since the supply of such new weapons has been exhausted. In this regard, the occupiers modernized the X-101, reducing its range by half and equipping the ammunition with a second warhead.

British intelligence explained that the Russian Federation does not need the full range of these cruise missiles for shelling Ukraine, but the installation of a second warhead is intended to increase fragmentation effect on a target, especially an unprotected one.

Recall that the Office of the Prosecutor General stated that half of the North Korean missiles that the Russian Armed Forces fired at Ukraine exploded in the air.


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