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The European Commission spoke about restrictions on the provision of consular services to Ukrainian military personnel

ByJohn Newman

Apr 24, 2024

Today the Defense Committee of Parliament has already announced a call to representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive clarification from them regarding the ban on the provision of consular services to all Ukrainian men who find themselves in other countries.

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About how Brussels responded to&nbsp ;“suspension” of the provision of consular services to Ukrainian men of conscription age (18-60 years) abroad, writes NBN, citing a statement made by the press secretary of the European Commission for internal affairs, migration and internal security Anita Hipper, who answered questions from Radio Liberty.

According to Hipper, the European Union will take into account the announcement of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry regarding the above-described restrictions.

However, at the moment, European officials are not ready to give specific comments on compliance with the “Temporary Protection Directive” (the document regulates the stay of refugees from Ukraine on the territory of the European Union), but they can emphasize one thing – the EU does not make distinctions based on gender or conscription the status of Ukrainians who fled the war.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the Ministry of Defense showed what changes the current and potential military should prepare for after the law on mobilization 18 came into force ;may.


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