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The head of the Dutch Ministry of Defense explained what determines Ukraine’s ability to turn the tide at the front

ByJohn Newman

May 8, 2024

The head of the Dutch Ministry of Defense, Kaisa Ollongren, believes that the situation at the front can still be changed in favor of Ukraine, explaining what this will depend on.

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The head of the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands explained what depends on Ukraine's ability to turn the tide at the front

Photo – pravda.com.ua

In an interview with the Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT, the head of the Dutch defense department stated that the ability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to turn the tide at the front largely depends on military assistance from Western states, NBN reports.

According to the minister, now the Russian occupation forces have a certain advantage on the battlefield. However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to seize the initiative if Ukraine’s allies increase the production of shells, UAVs and other new technologies that are widely used by defenders at the front. Also, the Defense Forces will be successful due to the strengthening of Ukrainian air defense by partners.

Ollongren emphasized that the West must actively support Ukraine.

Recall that ISW analysts listed the tasks that the Ukrainian army needs to complete for the start of a major counter-offensive this or next year.


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