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ISW analysts commented on Putin’s statements on “inauguration” day

ByJohn Newman

May 8, 2024

The Washington Institute for the Study of War analyzed Vladimir Putin’s statements on the day of “inauguration”, telling what is behind the Kremlin dictator’s statements.

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The ISW analytical material notes that the rhetoric of the permanent Russian leader during his speech on the day of the “inauguration” was abstract and formulaic, NBN reports.

The head of the Kremlin thanked the citizens of the Russian Federation and “residents of the historical lands of Russia” who , in his words, “we defended the right to be with our homeland.” Apparently, he interprets separatism and collaboration in this way.

Putin also thanked the Russian occupiers and called on the aggressor country to “unite for victory,” and reported on the “serious challenges” facing the Russian Federation.

ISW noted that the dictator has long justified the invasion of Ukraine by “helping his compatriots” abroad” and the struggle for “historical lands.” Experts believe that he intends to recognize the war, without placing high expectations on the prospects of invaders in a neighboring country with an abstract call for victory.

Putin also made it almost directly clear to Russians that he will continue to “tighten the screws” in the country , because the people supposedly need autocratic rule so that the socio-political system of the Russian Federation can withstand any threats and challenges. The head of the Kremlin added that the more actively citizens rally around him, the better he will manage the state.

Analysts believe that in this way the dictator announced that his new presidential term will be more autocratic. The rest of his speech consisted of templates and abstract calls for national triumph.

Recall that the leader of the Russians after the “inauguration” made a statement about dialogue with the West.


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