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The media found out how many evaders the police are looking for in Kyiv

ByJohn Newman

Apr 19, 2024

Capital law enforcement officers received almost 5,000 requests sent by territorial recruitment and social support centers (TCC/SP) in order to search for unscrupulous Ukrainians liable for military service.

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The media have found out how many evaders are wanted by the police in Kiev

Photo – informator.ua

About the fact that it is the National Police, after appeals from the TCC/SP and the SBU, that are obliged not only to detain, but also to deliver draft dodgers who have committed administrative offenses, that is, citizens who have ignored the procedure for updating military registration data or the norms of the adjusted “mobilization” legislation, writes “NBN”, referring to the response provided by the Department of Preventive Activities of the Main Directorate for Police in Kyiv, published by NV.

As it became known, at the beginning of this month, the Kyiv police received 5,387 requests from the TCC/SP regarding the establishment of the place of stay/delivery of persons to draw up protocols on administrative violations against them. In addition, for evading conscription into the Armed Forces of Ukraine, law enforcement officers must establish the location and bring to TCC/SP 4 955 military persons.

However, at the moment, the Kyiv police have determined the location and the above delivery of only 1 416 dodgers was carried out.

The media found out how many draft dodgers the police are looking for in Kyiv

Photo — nv.ua

Earlier, we wrote about that the lawyer explained whether the “whip methods” provided for by the law on mobilization would work.


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