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Tusk called on protesters to unblock the Polish-Ukrainian border

ByJohn Newman

Apr 19, 2024

Today it became known that Polish strikers have again blocked the Korchewa-Krakovets and Medyka-Shegini checkpoints, and are also not stopping the protest at Yagodin-Doroguska and Rawa-Russka.

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Tusk called on protesters to unblock the Polish-Ukrainian border

Photo – polskieradio.pl

NBN writes about why the authorities of a neighboring friendly state suddenly decided to justify the inappropriateness of continuing to block entry/exit at checkpoints near the border with Ukraine, citing a statement made by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk to local portal “Polish Radio”.

According to Tusk, now in Ukraine there is a sharp complication of the situation caused by the latest massive attacks by the Russian Federation, and the prolongation of the blockade by Polish farmers may turn out to be a decisive factor in the current full-scale war. In particular, the Polish prime minister addressed “everyone without exception” in his country, calling not to carry out anything that could harm Ukraine. In addition, the Polish authorities will soon take appropriate decisions that will allow not only to secure the Polish border, but also all crossings.

Tusk separately emphasized that his government does not intend to further allow the blockade of the checkpoint (it has been assigned the status of critical infrastructure), regardless of the reasons justifying such protests, since at this stage “we cannot in any way harm Ukraine in a situation where the fate of the war is being decided.” Also, the Polish authorities are ready to provide some financial assistance to protesters who have lost part of their income through no fault of their own.

Tusk summarized:

I&nbsp ;I count on reflection and refusal of this form of protest.

We previously wrote about that in Poland announced the introduction of compulsory education for refugee children from Ukraine in local schools.


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