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Zelensky reported how many missiles and drones the occupiers fired at night across Ukraine and addressed his allies

ByJohn Newman

Mar 22, 2024

Head of state Vladimir Zelensky responded to the massive night attack of the Russian occupiers on our country, naming the number of missiles and UAVs that the enemy hit. The president also again addressed Ukraine’s allies.

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Zelensky reported how many missiles and drones the invaders fired at Ukraine at night and addressed the allies

Photo – president.gov.ua

The Ukrainian leader said that on the night of Friday, March 22, the Russian invaders fired almost 90 missiles and more than 60 Shahed kamikaze drones at our country. According to the guarantor, Putin’s army hit energy facilities and civilian infrastructure, NBN reports.

Zelensky noted that in all the cities that suffered from shelling, rescuers, energy workers, law enforcement officers, authorities and utility workers are working and work is underway to restore electricity supplies.

The President once again addressed Ukraine's Western allies, explaining that enemy missiles are not delayed, like military aid packages to Kiev, and drones are not indecisive, like some politicians .

The Guarantor emphasized that partners must be aware of the cost of deferred decisions and delays. According to the head of state, Western air defense systems must protect civilian Ukrainians and civilian infrastructure.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Energy German Galushchenko commented on the massive night shelling of Ukraine, informing the purpose of the Russian attack.


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