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Zelensky spoke about the invaders’ plans for Chasov Yar and the counteroffensive

ByJohn Newman

Apr 22, 2024

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky said that the Russian Armed Forces intend to capture Chasov Yar, Donetsk region, by May 9. In addition, the enemy is preparing to launch a counteroffensive in June.

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Zelensky spoke about the invaders' plans for Chasov Yar and the counteroffensive

Photo – president.gov.ua

In an interview with NBC News, the Ukrainian leader said that by May 9, the Russian occupiers want to capture Chasovoy Yar, which today is one of the hottest directions of the front.

In addition, the Kremlin intends to recruit Putin's army will receive 300 000 fighters by June 1 in order to begin large-scale offensive operations, NBN reports.

According to the president, he expects that Ukraine will stand, that the necessary weapons will arrive on time and the defenders will be able to defeat the enemy, and then his plans for a large-scale counter-offensive in early summer.

The Guarantor noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters in the east of the country lack the necessary weapons, so Kyiv is counting on help from Washington. In particular, the Defense Forces need equipment to combat reconnaissance UAVs, with the help of which the invaders adjust artillery fire, and they also need artillery ammunition.

Earlier, the head of state named a scenario in which foreign troops would defend our country.


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