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Cinematic inspiration: Timothée Chalamet named his 10 favorite films

An actor of a new generation who has already won the hearts of viewers, cinematic inspiration and the hope of Hollywood, 28-year-old Timothée Chalamet also loves good cinema, writes WomanEL.

< /i>Content“A Night at Maude”, 1969“Babette’s Feast”, 1987“Maurice” 1987 “I am love”, 2009 “Valentine”, 2010 “Bernie”, 2011 “Open Circle”, 2012 “Nymphomaniac. Part 1″, 2013″Mommy”, 2014″James White”, 2015

Timothy told Collider about his top ten favorite films. Each tape inspired him and helped him form a special approach to the professional field. The actor is also glad that he has already managed to work with several directors whose work fascinates him.

Cinema inspiration from Timothy Chalamet. Source: Instagram

Chalamet personally worked with Luca Guadagnino, whose film “I Am Love” was on the list of favorites, as well as with Felix Van Groeningen – “Broken Circle”.

“Night at Maud”, 1969

“Babette's Feast”, 1987

“Maurice”, 1987

“I am love”, 2009

“Valentine”, 2010

“Bernie”, 2011

“Open Circle”, 2012

“Nymphomaniac. Part 1”, 2013

“Mommy”, 2014< /h2>

“James White”, 2015

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