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Elena Kravets burst into tears while talking about the difficulties of raising her children

Elena Kravets opened her heart by sharing with the audience her impressions of raising her children. With tears in her eyes, the artist spoke about the significant differences in approaches to raising her eldest daughter and younger twins, writes WomanEL.

Masha, Elena’s eldest daughter, grew up as a “side project” – independent, integrated and able to adapt to her parents’ busy schedule. However, the twins Katya and Vanya turned out to be different – they require more attention, have their own rules and expect those around them to adapt to their lives.

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Masha grew up like something like a “side project”. She grew up, accepted the rules of life and left. And these two, they kind of make their own rules. They want everyone to adapt to their life

the celebrity admitted.

Elena Kravets admits to the difficulties of raising two generations. Source: instagram.com/lennykravets

The actress not only admitted that raising younger children requires more effort than raising an older daughter, but also admitted that she has changed her parenting methods. According to Kravets, she has more breakdowns when she has twins, and she herself feels difficult moments in the new approach.

I have never yelled at Masha as much as I yell at kids . And it seems to me that they should understand that it is difficult, there is a war in the country, such circumstances, a lot of work. I realize that I sometimes yell at them. And when I scream, Masha stops me. I want to live, work on my own land and be something else other than a mother. And I start to get angry at them. But it’s not their fault,

the presenter added.

Elena also shared her emotions upon returning from abroad, saying that it was hard for her to live solely as a mother. Now all of Elena Kravets’ children live with her and her husband.

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