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Holiday donation to Anastasia Tsimbalar: New Year traditions that will inspire everyone

People are trying to preserve family traditions and enjoy the New Year's atmosphere a little. Unfortunately, December doesn't feel the same now as it used to. Decorated city streets and bright shop windows do not create such a festive mood. The editors of WomanEL magazine talked with the 31st Ukrainian actress Anastasia Tsimbalaru and found out what New Year traditions her family has. The artist also shared her plans and wishes for 2024.

What are your New Year's traditions? Perhaps some are passed down from generation to

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The best tradition for our family — is to celebrate Christmas and New Year together. We
gather at our parents' house, cook dinner together, and then exchange gifts. In recent years, another family tradition has emerged — this is a holiday donation
for our defenders.

Do you make wishes for the New Year, have they come true?

Usually we take pieces of paper and with the whole family, as the clock strikes, we write our wishes
for the next year. You need to have time to write, burn the paper, dissolve it in a glass of champagne and drink it. In the year before the full-scale invasion began, I wrote on a piece of paper many wishes regarding my career; last year I decided that the tradition needed to be changed, so I simply made one single wish. One for the whole country.

What will be my wish this year?

Since my wish did not come true last year, I will repeat it again. Without him
nothing else can happen. Therefore, with all my heart, together with other Ukrainians, I will ask for victory for our country and the return of our defenders alive.

Anastasia Tsimbalaru. Source: WomanEL

What are your career plans for 2024?

There are no global plans. We live in such a time that it is difficult to plan anything. If
our industry develops even a little, then I will be glad to remain in the profession and
do what I love. This year unexpectedly gave me several projects and
main roles, therefore, having the opportunity to work, I must do everything possible to make it at least a little easier for our guys there as a result of my donations, fees and help.

What can you wish for the readers of WomanEL?

The fulfillment of all personal desires! And one — the most important thing, common to everyone! Of course, I would also like to wish you health, because without this there is no real happiness. Learn to enjoy the moments, despite such a difficult situation, and remember that you can

Let's draw a conclusion? We donate, believe in victory, and do not give up our New Year traditions!

In addition to regular donations and charity events, Anastasia recently became a co-author of a war diary.

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