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How Russian restaurateurs occupied Kyiv

More than 2 years have passed since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, but restaurants in which Russian citizens are the final beneficiaries continue to operate in Ukraine, writes WomanEL. The most Ukrainian chef in the country, Evgeniy Klopotenko, shared his thoughts on how Russian restaurateurs occupied Kiev in an interview with the YouTube channel Pryama Chervona.

ContentKlopotenko about Russian occupiers of the restaurant businessFood “originally from the Russian Federation” continues to workRussian restaurant occupiersSushi MasterSushi WokSushiya and MurakamiBaked potatoesHow eradicate the Russian food gene The most Ukrainian chef in the country is Evgeniy Klopotenko. Source: Instagram

Klopotenko about the Russian occupiers of the restaurant business

Evgeniy believes that, unfortunately, Russian occupiers are so far firmly entrenched in the restaurant business of Ukraine in general and in Kiev restaurants in particular.

Of course, the Russians remain in food, very deeply, unfortunately. Deeper than music or cinema, because food is in our DNA. It often fits into the subconscious. I often advocate that we need to put away the fur coat, put away the Olivier,

Klopotenko noted.

Evgeniy spoke not only about the remains of Russian food, but also that Russian restaurateurs also remained in Ukraine and in Kiev.

We have a lot of Russian business. This is how it is: you take and rewrite the Valkonsky society. Yesterday I was walking like this, I saw Volkonsky… Any questions? Well, you can’t do a Russian business, although you can change the name… HIV… Volkinsky… volu… Volkonsky,

said the star chef.

Food “originally from the Russian Federation” continues to work

Despite all kinds of sanctions, war and public condemnation, food “originally from Russia” continues to work. In addition to the coffee segment and related treats, the Russians have also firmly occupied the Asian cuisine segment. Establishments in Ukraine operate as franchises and are often registered in the name of Ukrainians.

We have gradually been taught to pay attention to the barcodes of goods in food supermarkets; some stores themselves willingly mark products from the occupier with special marks. However, with Russian establishments, food is more complicated. Often Ukrainians do not know who owns a cafe or restaurant chain in Kiev.

Chef’s opinion on how Russian restaurateurs occupied Kiev. Source: Instagram

Russian restaurants occupiers

Sushi Master

According to NV, one of the beneficiaries of Sushi Master Ukraine LLC is Russian citizen Alexey Pavlov. It was this entrepreneur who opened the first such restaurant in 2013 – in Tyumen. Currently, there are more than 170 restaurants with this name in Russia.

“Sushi Master” appeared in Ukraine in 2016. Famous business coach Alex Yanovsky became Pavlov’s partner. He is a US citizen born in Vinnitsa. Now in Ukraine there are more than 130 establishments of this network – of course, as franchises.

Sushi Wok

The main office of the Russian chain of take away stores “Sushi Wok” is located in St. Petersburg. Small shops where you can buy all the ingredients for sushi or a ready-made dish, scattered throughout Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. There is even one in Poland.

In Ukraine, there are such stores in Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Ivano-Frankovsk, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv, Dnieper, Nikolaev and Chernigov and many other cities. There are about 35 points in the capital alone.

Sushiya and Murakami

< p>Many people mistakenly call the Sushiya and Murakami chains Russian. The first of them is part of the World Map network, created in 1996 by Ukrainian-Americans Michael Don and Benny Golani. It also includes the il Molino pizzeria chain and the Buddha Bar lounge restaurant.

Murakami is owned by FM Group, co-owned by Ukrainian businessman Sergei Matvienko. In addition to it, FM Group includes the fast food chain “Tasty Potatoes”, “Drova”, “Papa John”, “Tarantino”, “Rukola” and others.

Baked Potato

The Baked Potato chain also has Russian roots – the establishments were originally opened as franchisees of the Kroshka-Kartoshka brand, which appeared in Moscow. The retail outlets retain their basic style and characteristic menu to this day, but whether there is still a connection between the Russian chain, which now numbers more than 300 establishments in the Russian Federation, and the Ukrainian “clone” is unclear.

There will be other people, and they will already eat different things. Source: Instagram

How to eradicate the Russian food gene

Evgeniy Klopotenko believes that it takes time to eradicate the Russian food gene. It is necessary for people to fall in love with new food, pass it on to generations, and this is about 20, 30, maybe 40 years.

And then, perhaps , then there will be less food. That is, wait until those who cook fur coat and Olivier food die out. Yes, it's my dream. This is a huge plus that people die, I like it. Because these are stubborn in their preferences, they will die. There will be other people, and they will eat something else,

Yevgeny Klopotenko expressed his opinion.

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