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Irina Soponaru showed a new tattoo in the intimate area

Irina Soponaru, a famous artist from the Women's Quarter, amazed her fans with new tattoos and piercings that she received during her trip to the UK, writes WomanEL.

On her Instagram page, the star shared the results her visit to a tattoo parlor, where she decided to place a tattoo in her intimate area. According to Irina, she chose the expression “Oh hey” to express her greetings to the world. Also, three small lines appeared on the artist’s hand, adding mystery to her image.

Silence in the center of the capital: what is interesting about the new subscription bookstore Gold sneakers from Trump: how much does branded presidential shoes cost Irina Soponaru reveals her individuality due to non-standard changes. Source: instagram.com/irinasoponaru

I brought not only magnets from London. I needed to return the piercing, and where there is a piercing, there are new tattoos,

the celebrity admitted.

Irina Soponaru reveals her individuality through non-standard changes. Source: instagram.com/irinasoponaru

In addition to tattoos, Irina also got a piercing in her ear, and, according to her, the result was perfect. However, the reaction of fans to such changes was mixed. Some positively assessed the new image of the artist, considering it an expression of individuality and style. However, there are those who are outraged by the choice of an intimate place for a tattoo, considering it inappropriate.

Look at this addition on Instagram

Addition, expansion Irina Soponaru (@irinasoponaru)

Reaction of the Network:

  • How stylish;
  • It would be better if I transferred money to the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • Beautiful, it suits you;
  • Yarinka is no longer the same;
  • Well, that's it.

Despite this, Irina Soponaru continues to delight her fans with non-standard solutions and expressive images.

K By the way, Irina Soponaru recently appeared in lingerie after breast augmentation.

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