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Terrible incident: glass doors fell on Zlata Ognevich

Zlata Ognevich experienced a severe shock in a hotel during her tour when a glass shower door suddenly fell on her, leaving injuries and a feeling of fear and anxiety, writes WomanEL.

In her photo blog, the famous singer shared the details of the unpleasant incident. During the evening hygiene procedures, the glass door of the shower stall suddenly collapsed while Zlata was inside. For her, this moment became one of her phobias.

Golden sneakers from Trump: how much do branded presidential shoes cost< /i> Serious parenting: what Anna Salivanchuk limits her children to Zlata Ognevich spoke about the terrible moment in the hotel. Source: instagram.com/zlata.ognevich

I'm in shock. I'm shaking all over. The shower door fell on me while I was taking a shower. All the debris was flying near my face. My worst tour horror happened to me. I was always afraid that this damn door would fall on me. This is very terrible. I didn’t have time to get dressed, all the debris was flying onto my body. I think it's a miracle. Yes, there are small cuts on my arms and legs, but they will heal quickly. The biggest cut is on my hand. Everything could have been much worse, Zlata recounted.

After the blow, small cuts remained on Ognevich’s body. She believes that encounters with serious consequences helped her escape from a higher power. Zlata experienced a “real miracle” while avoiding serious injury. The incident reminded all her fans how important it is to be careful even in familiar situations.

By the way, Zlata Ognevich recently became an official Spotify ambassador.

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