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Serious parenting: what Anna Salivanchuk limits her children to

Ukrainian actress Anna Salivanchuk spoke about the restrictions she imposes on her sons Nikita and Gleb. She shared on the social network Instagram that she prohibits children from using gadgets, writes WomanEL.

Although the use of technology on weekdays is rare, Salivanchuk used to allow the boys to spend a little more time with electronic devices on weekends. However, this led to problems, because children began to treat this as a rule, not a privilege.

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The more we give to our children, the less they appreciate. Especially gadgets are evil. And although I usually have a maximum of 2 hours a day, fortunately at school and kindergarten they are until 17:00, then clubs and on school days this is not a problem, but on vacation or on weekends we allow them a little more so that they can relax themselves and so that they We were happy, but then when you take away the gadget, it’s stressful, and your mother is bad,

the celebrity said.

Anna Salivanchuk prohibits his sons from using electronics. Source: instagram.com/salivanchuk.anna

She noted that although she allows her sons to use gadgets in their free time, she has difficulty taking them away when it’s time to stop having fun.

That’s why now my children have austerity from gadgets, yes, it will be more difficult for me, but we are doing this only for them, I hope they will understand this when they grow up,

the actress added.

Anna Salivanchuk admitted that introducing these restrictions is a difficult decision, but she believes that it will be useful for the development of her babies in the future. By the way, the actress recently addressed her fans with tears.

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