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Singer KRUT spoke about her mobilization

Ukrainian singer and bandura player Marina Krut, known under the artistic name Krut, shared her thoughts on the possibility of joining the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Although she initially considered joining the front and fighting the Russian invaders, she decided she could do more good by raising money and performing abroad, writes WomanEL.

Concerning the mobilization of women. Honestly, after a year and a half I had attempts. I often asked myself what I could do. There's just one problem. The simplest thing a woman can do at the front is to be a combat medic. I won’t say that this is the simplest, but this is such a clear scheme for me, because to be a sniper, you need to put more than one year of your life into it. And also, if you want to be a good combat medic, you need to have a medical education. That means you need to put in a lot of effort. But one of the jobs available to me is combat medic. And there is one nuance. I am very afraid of blood. I'm losing consciousness

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The Ukrainian bandura player abandoned the idea of ​​serving at the front because of her fears. Source: instagram.com/bandura_krut

Although she does not rule out the possibility of mobilization in the future, Krut devotes much of her time to charity concerts and fundraising for the Ukrainian army and performances abroad. The musician defined her mission as supporting the military and the Ukrainian army, seeing this as an important role during the war.

By the way, Marina KRUTB recently shared her scars covering her entire body.

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