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Anita Lutsenko admitted how she recovered after childbirth and gave useful advice

Celebrity blogger and mother Anita Lutsenko shared her story of recovery after childbirth and provided useful advice to other women who are in a similar situation, writes WomanEL.

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Pilates classes and consultations with a specialist

Anita began her recovery journey with postpartum training by contacting a Pilates specialist. Working on posture, diastasis and a new center of gravity, she notes the importance of proper functioning of the body after pregnancy.

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Lutsenko reviewed her diet, choosing a program that was suitable for herself. A balanced 1500 kcal menu helped her get back into shape and maintain energy for the new challenges of motherhood.

Active lifestyle

There is no doubt that physical activity plays a key role in postpartum recovery. Anita Lutsenko chose running and daily walks of 10 km with a stroller as an effective way to maintain her health and fitness.

Star mom Anita Lutsenko reveals the secret of successful recovery after the birth of a child. Source: instagram.com/anitasporty

Importance of sleep

The celebrity mom emphasizes the importance of getting enough sleep. Lutsenko notes that he sleeps immediately when possible. This helps her regain energy.

Kegel exercises

An integral part of recovery after childbirth is Kegel exercises. Every day she performs 50 contractions, directing efforts to the pelvic floor muscles.

In general, Lutsenko combines Pilates, stretching and breathing practices, as well as a healthy menu to achieve his goals. And recently she told why the weight comes back after losing weight.

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