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The amount of water in the Dnieper River has increased extremely: it has reached its maximum

In Kyiv, the water level in the Dnieper has reached a historic peak, rising to its maximum in the first half of 2024. Over the past seven days, the water in the Dnieper, which flows through the capital, has risen by more than 60 centimeters, writes WomanEL.

The Kiev City Military Administration reported that on March 16, the water level reached 601 centimeters above the “0” post , and the water temperature is 3.9 degrees Celsius. According to the monitoring analysis, such an increase in water level was observed as a result of an increase in water discharges from the Kiev reservoir due to spring melting.

The head of the KMVA, Sergei Popko, noted that there was a significant fluctuation in the water level during the day. For example, on March 14, the water level varied from 620 cm to 577 cm, and at the time of recording it was 583 cm.

Flooding floodplain in Kyiv due to rising water levels: what should city residents do? Source: zib.com.ua

Fortunately, at present no emergency flooding has been recorded in the city, and industrial facilities and residential areas are outside the danger zones. However, the analysis of the situation with the flood continues, because the level of danger of hydrological phenomena is assessed as I – yellow.

According to the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, it is predicted that at least until March 19, the water level in the Dnieper in Kyiv will remain at a high level, which can lead to flooding of creeks and low-lying riverine areas. The city administration urges residents to remain careful and follow updates on the water situation.

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