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What is the price of fame: Sharon Stone spoke about the downside of popularity

65-year-old American actress Sharon Stone starred in a new photo shoot for InStyle and gave an interview in which she spoke about the unpleasant consequences of fame, reports WomanEL. The star also noted that popularity brings new responsibilities to a person.

Source: instyle.com

According to Stone, being famous means she can no longer take regular flights but must choose business class or charter a private jet. In addition, she must have staff to ensure her safety and style. This personnel includes security staff, makeup artists, stylists and managers.

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If Sharon is having dinner in the company , usually pays the bill for everyone.

Being famous is very expensive. You go to dinner and there are 15 people at the table and who gets the bill? Every time you get a dinner bill of three thousand dollars

said the actress.

Source: instyle.com

Sharon Stone previously admitted how she was humiliated during the filming of Basic Instinct.

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