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How to improve your health in one minute: experts share simple methods

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Habits that take no more than one minute can improve your health.

This information was reported by Medicalanswers , reports URA-Inform.  

Sometimes a minute's action is enough for your health to become stronger, — Therefore, scientific experts advise practicing these habits.

Drinking water after sleep

According to Professor Will Pulisevich, the habit of drinking a glass of water after waking up in the morning compensates the body night dehydration: moisture helps restore the necessary level to the brain, kidneys, intestines, and ultimately this helps improve health.

Have a protein breakfast

Nutritionist Desiree Nielsen recommends eating protein for breakfast. This habit has a beneficial effect on the body's ability to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Run one minute a day

The International Journal of Epidemiology published the results of a study that they say that if you run for at least one minute every day, it already improves bone health.

Climb the stairs on foot

For those who are not contraindicated, Experts advise quickly walking up the stairs within one minute. This habit helps improve cardiac health.

Eat legumes

You should eat half a glass of even canned beans (the main thing is to rinse them). This advice comes from nutritionist Tamara Ducker Freeman. She claims that «eating beans or legumes daily— This is a common eating habit of people who live longer and are free from disease.

Recall that it was previously reported that the product improves vision in older people.

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