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In the Russian Federation, priests got involved in the war against Ukraine: what order did they receive, and what will happen if they refuse?

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In the Russian Federation, clergy received a circular letter.

This information was reported by Unian, reports “URA- Inform”.  

It is reported that all parishes received the corresponding letter. It was allegedly sent from the Moscow Patriarchate signed by Metropolitan Gregory of Voskresensky.

The circular letter indicates how to pray correctly during Lent so that the Russian Federation defeats Ukraine. We are talking about reading the «Prayer for Holy Rus'».

This is the first official document that regulates intra-church support for the war. For refusing to read the prayer, priests will be defrocked.

«God of our salvation, look in mercy on Your humble servants, hear and have mercy on us: Behold, those who want to fight have taken up arms against Holy Rus', hoping to divide and destroy its united people. Arise, O God, to help Your people and grant us victory through Your power», — says the text of the letter.

It is noted that priests should read this prayer daily — at work and at home. They should also offer reading «holy words» monastics and laity.

Let us remind you that it was previously reported that the Russians occupied the dominant heights in Chasovoy Yar: the analyst called it a threat.

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