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Tsarev asked the main question to Russians about Ukraine: the ex-deputy made people think

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Former member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and part-time well-known collaborator Oleg Tsarev expressed his bewilderment at the dominance of the Ukrainian topic in Russian news .

Donpress reported this information, citing Tsarev’s social networks, reports URA-Inform.

In his channel, he shared an incident from his life when he watched the program, where Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs were discussed.

«I went to visit a good friend. Her TV was working. Before it was turned off at my request, I watched a fragment of a program where they discussed the life of a Ukrainian politician and a Ukrainian oligarch. The experts discussed people whom they themselves had previously only seen on TV. I won’t discuss the show on its merits; both characters are complete scoundrels. In essence, everything is true, although they lied a lot in detail», — Tsarev shared his impressions.

However, the main question he asks Russian viewers is — Are they already bored with the Ukrainian topic in the news? Tsarev calls for thinking about whether it would be more interesting on Russian television to discuss the internal affairs of Russian politics and business leaders, instead of focusing on Ukrainian events.

Recall that Putin was sent another signal: it became known who decided to form a division.

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