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What harms the body more than smoking and alcohol: scientists surprised with the answer

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Scientists have found that a person harms the body more than obesity, smoking and alcohol.

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The health of any person is influenced by many factors. Lifestyle plays a significant role – it includes diet, sleep patterns, physical activity, as well as bad and good habits.

However, a new study by scientists has confirmed that the number of social connections is also an important factor.

Researchers from the United States analyzed the health data of 603 people aged 65 years and older, focusing on the impact of loneliness on physical, emotional and social health.

The analysis found that lower quality of life scores most associated with high levels of loneliness. The authors of the study compared the strength of the influence of this factor on a person’s condition with the influence of smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Alcohol and obesity did not affect the quality of life as much as loneliness.

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