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The crash of a drone near Romania. ZMI showed photo

Romanian ZMI published the first photos of a drone that crashed on the territory of the region near the border with Ukraine.< /p>

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reports on De Braila.

The information indicates that the military drone crashed 8 km from the town of Braila, on Mare d'Braila. In this case, the elements of the military drone are written in Cyrillic.

Helicopter of the Ministry of Defense, anti-terrorist brigade of the SRI, police crews, gendarmerie are in the area of ​​the Filipoiu farm, in the field A military drone crashed.

A crater with a diameter of about 4 meters is clearly visible from the outside, as can be seen in photographs.

Army fighters arrived at the crater, who are responsible for the activities of military drones.

Drone near Romania

29 years ago, fragments of a drone were found on a Romanian farm near the border with Ukraine. A dozen army search teams were sent to the island of Velika Braila to conduct investigations.

The Ministry of Defense of Romania and law enforcement are conducting an investigation into the fact of the downing of the drone.

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