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The Defense Committee has completed its consideration of all amendments to the mobilization bill (updated)

The Committee plans for the Council to consider the bill in the second reading in early April.

The Defense Committee has completed consideration of all amendments to the draft law on mobilization (updated)

Verkhovna Rada on issues Defense today, March 29, completed the consideration of all amendments to the draft law on mobilization, said Committee member Vadim Ivchenko.

Ivchenko added that work is now underway on additional amendments to the Committee on the motivation of conscripts, as well as demobilization.

According to him, it is planned that the Rada will consider the bill in the second reading in early April.

For his part, another member of the Committee, Alexander Fedienko, reported what issues were considered:

  • In the transitional provisions, the editorial board was fixed for the harmonization of registers of people with disabilities (minsots) and the register of the municipal organization “Oberig”.
  • The Committee did not support the proposal to review people with disabilities of groups 2-3 who received this disability before February 24. But this issue will be considered separately at the committee meeting – in relation to the group specifically.
  • With regard to education applicants, everything will remain as it is. Including for graduate students.
  • We raised questions about the possibility of dismissing people unfit for military service from the category of limited fitness. Fedienko recalled that bill 10313 has already abolished those who are limitedly suitable, that is, there are categories of suitable or unsuitable. the ability to receive consular services (abroad) without confirming the presence of such people in the military register is precisely services.

According to him, next Friday there is a high probability that the bill will be submitted to the Council.< /p>

Fedienko noted that these are not final changes. The Committee, through its amendments, may change some other norms.

Updated. For her part, People's Deputy Irina Gerashchenko reported that the National Security Committee had completed the discussion of 4,269 amendments to the mobilization project.

She noted that next week the committee will work on the agreed committee amendments.

“There is a chance that within April the bill may be submitted to the floor for consideration,” Gerashchenko wrote. actions in foreign diplomatic institutions for men liable for military service aged from 18 to 60 years were carried out if they had military registration documents. Including registration of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, a foreign passport of a citizen of Ukraine, etc.”

  • The relevant parliamentary committee began considering a new bill on mobilization on January 4. He is currently completing the review of more than 4 thousand amendments to the controversial bill. The second reading is possible in the session hall at the beginning of April. However, this does not mean that the law will be adopted quickly. Since parliament meets at best four days a month, the process is likely to be significantly delayed. What the members of the National Security Committee propose for the second reading and what are the chances of the law being voted on as a whole, read in the material “The Law on Mobilization: Will it be adopted as a whole?” on LB.ua.
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