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Kuleba named the condition under which Ukraine will consider refusing attacks on Russian refineries

ByJohn Newman

Apr 15, 2024

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dmitry Kuleba, responded to US criticism of attacks on Russian refineries, naming the condition under which Ukraine would consider abandoning attacks on oil refineries in the Russian Federation.

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Kuleba named a condition , in which Ukraine will consider abandoning attacks on Russian oil refineries

Photo – unian.net

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on April 9 that shelling of Russian refineries carries the risk of a negative impact on the global energy market. Commenting on criticism from the Pentagon, the diplomat said that he does not see a cause-and-effect relationship in this issue, NBN reports.

On the air of a national telethon, the head of the Foreign Ministry expressed confidence that the attacks on oil refineries of the Russian Federation may influence its energy market. At the same time, the minister does not see any problems in the global market.

Kuleba recalled that the number of civilian casualties in Ukraine has increased, since it lacks air defense systems to repel attacks by Putin’s army. The country is forced to defend itself from the enemy, so it needs to think about its interests.

The diplomat does not rule out that if the West gave Ukraine additional air defense systems and asked “not to do certain things,” Kiev would have something to conversation. Now, according to the head of the Foreign Ministry, there is nothing to talk about.

Earlier, ISW told where the Kremlin is looking for gasoline in connection with UAV strikes on Russian refineries.


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