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Which IDPs in Ukraine will remain without payments – list

 Which of IDPs in Ukraine will remain without payments – list

Which category of internally displaced persons will lose financial support.

From January 2024, some internally displaced persons ( IDPs) in Ukraine stopped providing cash payments from the state.

This is stated in the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 709 dated July 11, 2023 “On support for internally displaced persons.”

< p>We are talking, in particular, about citizens who stay abroad for more than 30 calendar days without justified and documented reasons.

Who else will have their payments cancelled:

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  • IDPs who purchased an apartment, house or plot worth more than UAH 100 thousand (except for housing received at the expense of the state or local budget);
  • purchased a new vehicle, from the year of manufacture of which less than 5 years have passed (except for cars that were purchased by volunteers and transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine);
  • have their own housing with an area of ​​more than 13.65 square meters. m per family member in territories where there are no active (possible) hostilities or are not occupied;
  • purchased foreign currency for a total amount of more than 100 thousand UAH (except for currency received from charitable organizations or purchased for payment for medical, social, educational services), as well as banking metals;
  • have funds in a deposit bank account totaling more than 100 thousand UAH.
  • Remember, the banker gave a forecast about the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine next week.


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