• 17/04/2024 10:50

The NBU will monitor the active operations of credit debtors

The National Bank approved new reporting rules for financial market participants about the active operations of credit debtors. The regulator obliged banks and financial institutions to report such actions if the total loan debt is UAH 50 thousand or more. The NBU press service writes about this.

 The NBU will monitor the active operations of credit debtors

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According to the approved rules, reporting to the National Bank on active operations should submit:

    banks of Ukraine; financial companies that have the right to provide at least one of the financial services, namely: provision of funds and bank metals on credit, provision of guarantees, factoring, financial leasing; credit unions

We are talking about reporting on the active operations of the debtor, if the total amount of liabilities (total amount of debt) is equal to or exceeds 50,000 UAH (or the equivalent of this amount in foreign currency). Such reporting must be filed before the debtor's obligations are completely terminated.


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