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Top 10 new anime of 2024: what to watch in your spare time?

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This information was presented by the AniFox YouTube channel, URA-Inform reports.  

10th place — Marriage ties with the Amagami family

Kamihate Uryu is a guy who lived in an orphanage for a long time until he was taken under the guardianship of the priest Chidori Amagami. Stopping at the temple, Uryu learns that three priestesses-sisters live here, who are the granddaughters of the main priest. Ultimately, Chidori Amagami reveals that he took the guy under his wing so that he would marry one of his granddaughters and inherit the temple as his son-in-law. Thus begins a story of love and miracles with the Amagami family.

9th place — Blue Miburo

The events will take the viewer back to the era of the Shogunate, a time of bloody battles and incredible cruelty. The main character, Nio, has become accustomed to many hardships and hardships throughout his life — ready to put up with everything except injustice. An irresistible desire to achieve a better world will introduce him to like-minded people, a couple of ronins from the group «Miburo». Imbued with their ideas and ideals — Nio decides to become one of the Blue Wolves of Mibu, but further events do not unfold as rosy and cloudless as he initially expected. 

< strong>8th place — Operation: The Yozakura Family

Taiyo Asano is a very shy high school student, and the only person he can communicate with is his childhood friend Mutsumi Yozakura. It turns out that Mutsumi is the daughter of a real family of spies! But what's worse is that Mutsumi is being stalked by her overprotective, nightmare brother, Keiichiro. What lengths will Taiyo have to go to to save Mutsumi?! In general, yes, as you understand, here we have a real spy comedy! How will such a tangled tangle of relationships turn out? Let's watch it together later!

7th place — Life with my half-sister

The main characters went from schoolmates and classmates to half-brothers and sisters, who also live under the same roof.

After his father Asamura's second marriage, Yuta receives a “gift” of a half-sister, who by chance happens to be the school's number one beauty for the school year, Ayase Saki. Having learned important personal values ​​about the relationship between a man and a woman from their parents' previous marriages, they promise each other not to be too close, not to be too hostile and to simply maintain a boundary and a comfortable distance.

Saki, who has worked alone for her family, doesn't know how to properly rely on others, while Yuuta doesn't know how to actually treat her. Standing on fairly equal ground, the two slowly learn the comfort of living together. Their relationship is gradually improving every day. In the end, suddenly this could end up as a love story… 

6th place — Blue Box

The events take place in a school with a sports bias – Eimei.
While training every morning with a senpai from the women's basketball club, Inomata Taiki, a member of the men's badminton team, falls head over heels in love with her. And then one day, unexpectedly, everything turns upside down and the distance between them sharply decreases. The love story that blossomed in the gym one spring day begins!

5th place — Chronicles of People and Demons

During the Edo period, in the mountain village of Kadono, there lived a temple maiden named Itsukihime. Jinta, the young stranger guarding her, goes into the forest to defeat a mysterious demon, who tells him about the distant future. This long fantasy journey tells the story of a demonic man who travels through time from the Edo era to the Heisei era, constantly wondering what it means to wield a sword.

4th place — Dandadan

Momo Ayase is a high school student who believes in ghosts, but not in aliens, in contrast to her friend from a parallel class, Ken Takakura, nicknamed Okarun, who believes in aliens, but not in ghosts. In order to determine who is right, they make a bet and decide to separately visit places associated with both the occult and the supernatural: Ayase visits the first place, and Okarun the second. When they reach their respective locations, it turns out that neither of them was wrong, and that both aliens and ghosts really exist.

3rd place — Alya sometimes flirts with me in Russian

The story begins with the main character, Kujo Masachika, studying at the Seirei Private Institute, where students from different countries often end up. Suddenly, a new girl appeared in Kudze's class. A girl with pale, almost transparent skin, which was impossible to see in real Japanese, and long blue slits of eyes that sparkled like sapphires. It was Alya – a Russian girl who moved to Japan…Why? For what purpose? Who is she?

2nd place — Windbreaker

There is a main character — Haruka Sakura. He can't stand weaklings. That is why he entered Furin High, which has earned itself a reputation as a school with no rules, where students fight every day with or without reason. His only goal is to become the head of this semi-criminal school. What a surprise it was for Sakura when it turned out that the students here are everyone’s favorite defenders of the city, every day lending a helping hand to everyone who needs it. And they are fighting here not with each other, but for each other. This is a story about a man from the very bottom, accustomed to relying only on himself and solving all problems with his fists, and how he becomes a hero!

1st place & #8212; Kaiju number eight

And the top of the top list for us was taken by an anime that in some way may remind one of Chainsaw Man, and for good reason! In the title, grotesque Godzilla-like monsters called “kaiju” have been appearing in Japan for years. To fight these beasts, an elite military unit known as the Defense Corps risks their lives every day to protect civilians. Once the creature is killed, it is left to the “sweepers” working under the Professional Kaijuu Cleaner Corporation to dispose of its remains. Kafka Hibino, a 32-year-old man, is unhappy with his job as a janitor.

From a young age, he aspired to join the Defense Corps and kill kaiju for a living. However, after several unsuccessful attempts, he abandoned his dream and resigned himself to mediocrity, which provided a decent salary. However, when an ambitious 18-year-old recruit named Leno Ichikawa joins his cleaning crew, Kafka is once again reminded of his desire to join the army. However, a parasitic kaiju enters GG's mouth, turning him into a humanoid monster. But even so, with his newfound abilities, Kafka strives to fulfill his life's dream one last time. Will he be able to achieve this?

Recall, the secret button on the seat belt: what is it really needed for.

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