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Lithuania made a loud statement about Putin's nuclear threats

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Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's nuclear threats — it's a bluff.

This information was reported by LRT, URA-Inform reports.  

In his opinion, it is not beneficial for the head of the Kremlin to use nuclear weapons, because such a step will not bring any benefits to the aggressor country, but only threatens losses.

“He won't gain anything from this, but he could lose everything. Some countries are on his side, or so he thinks. China clearly supports Russia; global partners in Latin America and Africa are also more on Putin’s side. But if the threats become reality, the entire partnership will disappear in an instant», — noted the head of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry.

In addition, according to Landsbergis, the position of some large states to avoid escalation can be catastrophic. The official noted that they are taking a step back, hearing Putin's threats. And this is exactly what the Kremlin dictator needs. The head of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry believes that the West should draw “red lines”, not Putin.

“This path, if we stick to our strategy, leads to the destruction of the country. This could lead to a real conflict outside of Ukraine; other countries could be drawn into it. Because we are sending a very clear signal to Putin: if you threaten us, we will retreat,” — he emphasized.

Recall that it was previously reported that Medvedev again threatened Britain with nuclear weapons: what is the reason.

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