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There was a scandal in a service center in Kyiv: what was the threat to the master (video)

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The Kiev woman began to threaten the repairman who could not fix her laptop.

This information was reported by TG «Lawyer of Rights», URA-Inform reports.  

In particular, a woman brought a faulty laptop to one of the Kyiv service centers, but after the technician could not fix it, she began to threaten to «surrender» him at the TCC.

A fragment of the video of the incident was published on the Internet. The video begins with a broken sentence from a service center employee, where he tried to explain that the laptop «won’t turn on because it was flooded» liquid.

After these words, the Kiev woman stated that the master did not «tighten it properly» screws on the bottom of the device and asked to do this. After that, she accused the guy of inadequacy and said that he “hooked” her. and began to threaten the young man with being sent to the front.

«You will now go to the front line, to Bakhmut. I’ll set the military registration and enlistment office on you, wait,” threatened an angry resident of the capital.

Recall that it was previously reported that the Russian Federation knew long ago about the terrorist attack in Crocus City: Budanov explained why the authorities allowed the tragedy to happen.

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