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UAF has serious problems with financing: Shevchenko named the budget deficit

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President of the Ukrainian Football Association Andrey Shevchenko announced the deplorable situation with the UAF budget.

This information was reported by Tribuna, URA-Inform reports.  

According to him, the Ukrainian Football Association has serious problems with financing. Shevchenko said that as of today the budget deficit is 105 million hryvnia.

According to the functionary, more detailed information regarding the deplorable situation with the UAF budget will be provided after the audit.

«We have a budget deficit of 105 million hryvnia. After the audit it will become clearer. But you have to wait, because the audit is being done for nine years. And this is not only a financial audit, but also an operational audit — the administrative activities of the UAF are analyzed and this complicates the process», — said the head of the UAF.

Shevchenko also suggested that the audit process may take longer than previously stated.

«I know that journalists like specifics, but for now I will not tell you more precisely when the audit will end. But everyone will know about the results of the check», — added Andrey Shevchenko.

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