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Why a Russian missile that crossed the border was not shot down in Poland: the military gave their version

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According to the Polish command, the Russian missile flying over the Lublin region will turn back towards the Ukrainian state.

This information was reported by the Polish publication RMF24, reports URA-Inform.

A representative of the Operational Command of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Jacek Goryszewski, noted that the deployment strategy of Russian missiles is often aimed at bypassing supposed defense zones and aimed at striking from unexpected directions.

Goryshevsky emphasized that the Polish military had information about the possible return of the missile to Ukraine. However, the decision not to shoot down the missile was made in accordance with the threat assessment and the risk to civilians. According to him, an attempt to shoot down the missile could pose an even greater risk to local residents, given its size and combat load.

Based on data from radar systems, the command concluded that the missile does not pose a threat to the national security of Poland and will leave its airspace. This approach was justified not only by the technical characteristics of the flight, but also by the expected consequences of shooting down the missile.

This decision undoubtedly raised many questions and discussions, but it was made on the basis of the best available information and the desire to minimize the risk to civilians residents. Ultimately, the safety and well-being of the population comes first, even in the face of increasing tensions in the international arena.

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