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About 70% goes to military salaries. The Ministry of Defense has been responsible for distributing the 2024 budget

70% of the budget of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for 2024 will be paid to Ukrainians Viyskov. Shchel 20% – to purchase Ozbrinnya.

About Tse Rospov, the Intercessor of the Ministra of the Ukrainian Yurii Jigir, the RBC -Ukraina Zalannam in the Army Inform. divided into three large parts. First and greatest – penny security and military payments to military personnel.

“In 2024, the allocation for this amounted to 862.6 billion hryvnia, which is over 70% of the budget. This block includes penny security for military personnel We'll kill them if we pay them , pay for injuries, for retraining on the first and on another line of combat, provision to a special warehouse, speech security, to the city for low-quality equipment,” – rozpov vin.

Another part of the budget according to the size, as having designated an intercessor minister , – through the purchase of manufactured and military equipment. For this purpose, 20% of the money was transferred.

“That 20% is the whole national benchmark for videotapes in the military domain. Considering the war in Ukraine, our neighbors, who also live abroad u-aggressor, in the rest The resources are spent on the modernization and modern technology of the world. In a word, show it,” explained Dzhigir.

The third part, in his words, is these operational evidence. They include the purchase of firewood, military preparation, utility payments, continuous repairs.

“This is all the money transferred from the state budget. .

Guess what, earlier the Ministry of Defense spoke about the establishment of ham production, transferred to the ZSU from the beginning of 2024. Over the course of 3 months, the ministry codified over 80 pieces of hamburger.

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