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An unemployed Kiev resident pretended to be a traffic police employee to avoid punishment for violating traffic rules.

The husband used a fake ID and even sewed a special “uniform” for himself.

who used a fake official ID of an employee of the State Bureau of Investigation. Also, during the search at his home, they found a uniform with DBR symbols, automatic weapons and radios.

This was reported by the DBR press service.

“An officially unemployed resident of Kiev made himself a “fake” ID of a DBR employee and even sewed the appropriate clothes for himself. He showed the IDs while communicating with police officers and other law enforcement agencies in order to avoid vehicle checks and administrative fines for violating traffic rules,” the report says.

By According to the DBI, the detainee may be involved in drug trafficking – during the search, a powder similar to a narcotic drug was seized from him. Traffic rules “src=”” alt=”An unemployed Kiev resident pretended to be an employee of the DBR,”

In addition, the Bureau noted , the man does not work anywhere, but at the same time he lives in abundance and does not feel a lack of funds.

As part of the initiated criminal proceedings under parts 1 and 4 of Article 358 of the Criminal Code, examinations will be ordered, after which further procedural steps will be determined actions.

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