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Do not include the DRG penetration test to Kiev. The Defense Council praised the term's solutions

for the sake of defending a bun And the mines praised low ryshen. All through the threat of penetration of the enemy DRG to the capital and the threat of Russia to force missile attacks.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via messages sent to the KMVA Telegram channel.

Missile attacks

In the words of the head of the KMVA Sergiy Ass, the drive of the meeting For the sake of defending the place, the remaining officials of the aggressor country began to declare that they intend to increase the number of missile attacks directed at civilian objects and peaceful communities of Ukraine and Kiev.

“This is confirmed by the remaining missile strikes due to stagnation “We'll get back together in the shortest possible time,” – with respect for Popko.

Threat of the DRG

In addition, emphasizing that there is still a threat of attempts to penetrate into the territory of the site by enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups (DRGs), recruiting agents of the Russian special services and other hostile elements to destabilize the situation ії in the capital.

What they decided

How they resolved in The CMVA, receiving this information, the Council of Defense of Kiev adopted the following decisions:

  • It is not easy to evaluate the nutrition of further visits to the city of Kiev, which transfer the receipt of a numerical amount and people.
  • Review the regulatory and regulatory documents for the livelihood of the capital's citizens from food and public transport, carrying out sports, cultural, lighting, medical, and personal visits, as well as in the localities buying up people to ensure the safety of the citizens.
  • To all security and military structures It is imperative for the city of Kiev to strengthen respect for the city of people and ensure continued public safety and order in the capital. Ensure that all necessary visits are carried out, which will take care of the insecurity of the Kiev citizens.
  • All relevant structures and balancers of the dead disputes of civil protection will ensure constant access to the population until the security and readiness of the “points of inviolability” until the vikoristan.

Social monitoring will be strictly in place other measures to increase disinformation, provocation and other direct information to destabilize the situation in the capital.

“I ask Kiyan to remain calm. Do not panic. We are making preventive visits to Kiev and your bags were reliably stolen,” added Popko.

Remaining attacks to Kiev

It is a reminder that after the recent lull of the military, the Russian Federation again focused its attention on attacks on Kiev.

So, on 21 February, after a month-long break, the aggressor country launched a massive missile strike, which led to the collapse of Kiev Evі, zokrema at Shevchenkivsky , Svyatoshinsky and Podilsky districts. 13 people were injured.

In addition, on 25 February the occupiers attacked the capital of Ukraine with ballistic missiles. Vibukhs mooned in the area literally immediately after the wind alarm signal. Then, through the fall of the ulamki, it was “disturbed” to the Pechersky district, having recognized the ruin of the tripoverkhovy gym. People suffered.

Experts agree that on that day the Russians stopped the Zircon hypersonic missiles, which reach the capital for the treatment of illness. The military forces will have their own way to calm down – the means for seizing such purposes, but still have the power to ensure that the Ukrainians stay drunk and do not ignore the military alarm signals.

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