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Israel to move to a less intense phase of the war in the Gaza Strip, – NYT

The Israeli army is beginning to reduce the intensity of military operations in the Gaza Strip. The IDF is losing a number of soldiers and airstrikes.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a post to the New York Times.

From today, the Israeli army began to change the number of soldiers in the Sector Gaza. This will continue for a long time. The intensity of operations outside the enclave is also reduced. Instead of large-scale maneuvers, the Israeli troops are conducting one-off raids.

An official representative of the IDF said that the Israeli troops plan to concentrate on the abandoned and central areas of Gazi, where they are located. main bases of Hamas. They will also continue to deliver humanitarian aid to the Meskhani enclave. However, according to Dzherel’s words, it is unclear whether the new phase of the conflict will be less dangerous for the Gazi negotiators.

War between Israel and Hamas

On June 7, Hamas militants invaded Israel. The stench drove in and stole military and peaceful people. Izrail at Vidpovіd, stirring about the elaboration of the Opens “Hall Sword”, that sheltered the Miss Terorist.

24 24 leaf falls of the izhri, having for the request of the prying of the vogny, the Zavilnnnya Zarutnik. The first group of guarantors was released by the militants that same day.

The truce lasted until 1 breast. Afterwards, the IDF announced that it had taken advantage of the Hamas shelling of Israel's territory.

20th 20th Israel urged the Palestinians to renew the truce term for the next week. Ale Hamas put forward a proposition.

Before the speech, the intelligence of South Korea indicated that Hamas is using the DPRK for war with Israel.

Also, the Minister of Defense of Israel, Yoav Gall ant stating that the IDF Immediately move to a new stage of the operation to reduce Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip

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