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Near Sevastopol, tight vibugs lulled, the occupants seem to be talking about the work of the PPO

At the time of Sevastopol, which was occupied by the Russians, in Crimea, tight vibugs were heard this evening, 2 today.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a message sent to the Telegram channel “Crimean Wind”.

It appears that after two intense vibrations, two great figures appeared in the sky above Sevastopol.

A resident of the town confirms that in the microdistrict on Zhidilova Street, windows have blown down on people. The locals also write in social media that two heavy vibukhas felt from Sevastopol to the village of Zuya.

“At Bakhchisara, the towns were trembling,” writes one of the locals.

The Telegram channel confirms that , most likely, the moment will “arrive” at the Belbek military airfield.

The Occupation Governor of Sevastopol Rozvozhaev stated that, according to previous information, a missile was shot down over the sea. From this report, the deterioration of the infrastructure has not been recorded.

“Bavovna” in Krimu

On the night of the urgently occupied Krimu in the Krasnoperekopsk region (Yani Kapu, the administrative center of the Perekopsk region) on the night of 28 Br., a series of vibrations erupted xiv. It was also reported about vibrations in the occupied Sevastopol in the bay area.

At the end of the 26th, the Defense Forces of Ukraine in the occupied Feodosia near the Crimea lost the airborne landing complex “Novocherkassk” of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. According to the words of the commander of the ZSU Airborne Forces Mikoli Oleshchuk, this great landing ship was hit by missiles.

Later that day, satellite images appeared after the ZSU strike on Feodosia Bay. As can be seen on the footage of the Planet.com service, besides the great landing ship “Novocherkassk”, another ship sank. For the ZMI data, we are talking about the old basic training ship “UTS-150”.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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