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Please let us know at what stage are the negotiations on security guarantees with Ukraine?

Negotiations between Kiev and Washington over food security grants for Ukraine will continue. The Ukrainian side is busy clarifying its needs.

White House National Security Advocate John Kirby stated this, writing to RBC-Ukraine via the Voice of America.

Behind his words, regardless Regardless of how the war ends, Ukraine will still have a long border with Russia, and they will still have legitimate, safe consumption.

“The US will continue to receive x support, bye “They need to clarify their needs, as they are likely to look,” said Kirby.

John Kirby added that the United States is writing to the best of its ability, “as it is aimed at supporting Ukraine in realizing its lowest potential I have strength.”

He also noted that nine other countries have completed negotiations with Ukraine regarding bilateral security.

“We are all working on the same thing – we are trying to create those that can be called bilateral security-free households,” stated a representative of the White House.

Security guarantees for Ukraine from the United States

For example, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Ukraine is working with the United States to establish an agreement on guarantees without bake for 10 rocks. Work is already underway on the “specific text” of the document.

In her own words, Advocate US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland clarified that the United States is ready to negotiate any guarantees of security for Ukraine. In these words, everyone is working to ensure that the invasion of the Russian Federation does not happen again.

At the moment, it is clear that the head of the OP Andriy Yermak has already held the third round of negotiations with the United States in order to agree on security guarantees for Ukraine. The sides have shown significant progress.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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