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Prices are record holders. In some places in Ukraine there is the most expensive life

Prices for apartments in the Western part of Ukraine have risen due to the onset of a large-scale invasion. They added that they received thousands of displaced people in central Ukraine. The trend towards an increase in prices is observed in most regional centers.

Which places of Ukraine for a varity of square meters in new towns and on the second highway, according to RBC-Ukraine reports market of hearing loss Viktoria Bereshchak.

De in Ukraine's most expensive life

We will immediately find the largest square meter in the primary market – in Lviv. In this place, it adds up to a maximum of 55 thousand hryvnia per square meter – the average price for apartments in Novobudovo.

“Lviv, before speaking, is one of these places that demonstrated the greatest dynamics of prices for the rest and two rocks. Travni 2022, the cost of a square there was 40% cheaper – about 33 thousand hryvnia per square meter,” comments Viktoria Bereshchak.

The record holders for the cost of living in two years of the war were also:

  • Uzhgorod – varosti growth by 39% from 27 thousand UAH/sq.m to 39 thousand UAH/sq.m nini;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk – by 46% from 17 thousand UAH/sq.m to 32 thousand UAH/sq.m;
  • Ternopil – by 42% from 19 thousand UAH/sq.m to 27 thousand UAH/sq.m .m;
  • Rivne – by 40% from 20 thousand UAH/sq.m to 33 thousand UAH/sq.m.

“What is happening in Odessa and the Dnieper, as the remaining months experience a significant price plateau through the enemy’s missile terrorism, then the price of a square there will be 38 thousand UAH/sq.m and 43 thousand UAH/sq.m. growth contributed 30% for Odessa and 9% for the Dnieper, it’s obvious,” – a respectful glance at the market.

Photo: Lviv has the highest prices per square meter in the first quarter (facebook.com/inc.avalon)

At this time, the capital's residential population in Novobudov is on average 50 thousand hryvnia per square meter. Prices have increased by 20% since the beginning of 2022.

With the irresistible price leadership of the emerging regions, among the notable trends of Nina and the alignment of the geography of the real drink for 2023, which will continue to Nina.

“Before the butt, Kiev will turn to in recent new buildings in the format of a multifunctional quarter/cluster, place in place of the quarterly forgetfulness, the eco-cluster will receive close to a third of pre-war obligations,” the expert adds.

bath and prices on second hand

Another trend is associated with the growing demand on the termination period for terms of 3 rocks or more: at least 65% of all settlements for the remaining period fall on the object itself during the termination period oh, as they say to the questions of the companions today, and another quarter – to be unterminated per term from 1 to 3 days per day.

“Today's Ukrainians are actively buying two-room apartments with a layout of 60-70 square meters, less than one-room classic apartments. This is due to a change in behavioral practices: through the war, the homeland colony, dekhto takes fathers from the occupied and suffered regions, so the living space acquires new attributes “, – Victoria Bereshchak describes the trends.

I also have a large kitchen-living room of 17-20 square meters and around the insulated bedrooms, which may be small – 11-15 square meters. Obov'yazkovo – two sanitary facilities, an area for saving speeches.

Photo: Through the war, the prices of many buyers have changed completely (facebook.com/rielua)

As prices on the second hand remain constant, then two words come into play: the rhyme of real drinking and the recovery and psychology of power , states that there is a neurological disorder. Vona means: internal migration through the legacy of the war is pouring into the pot. Therefore, for example, we are constantly experiencing an increase in prices in regions – hubs, which give pleasure to hundreds of thousands of communities in similar and different regions.

“This is no longer about the western regions, but let’s talk about Poltava and Poltava region, Kropyvnytskyi and Kirovograd region, Cherkasy and Cherkassy region, Khmelnytskyi and Khmelnytskyi region, Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia region,” adds Bereshchak.

However, Lviv is deprived of everything to those who are most expensive. There, prices soared at the beginning of the war due to the rush to drink, and are now becoming less significant. The increase in prices in Lviv across the river is 45%. For equalization, Kiev has 30%. In Lviv, the median price of a 1-room apartment will be around 60-65 thousand dollars, in the capital – 57-62 thousand.

It seems that the Osel program is active in Ukraine: readers, covi, doctors and scientists can cancel loans for housing at a rate of 3%, and other categories – at a rate of 7%. Prominent loans activated the food market, but in practice there are many nuances to blame. Read about the insurance if you take out a loan for the Yosel program.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine read on the channelRBC-Ukraine in Telegram< /em>.

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